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A Splendid Time at EBO: Chocolate Truffles & Cookies Class

“O Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo?”

Oh, he’s in Vancouver all right. In fact Romeo can be found at EBO Restaurant and he’s known to make beautiful and delicious desserts.
During the first weekend of February, I attended the Chocolate Truffle & Cookie making class at EBO Restaurant.  The class takes place in the kitchen, which allowed my classmates and I to have hands-on experience in making the truffles and cookies. The talented and amicable pastry chef, Romeo Maghirang, was instrumental in teaching and guiding us in the truffle and cookie making process.

Romeo Maghirang, Ebo's Pastry Chef

I’m actually quite content that EBO Restaurant at the Delta Hotel Burnaby offers these classes as it allows guests and local residents a chance to make some sweets during the holiday season and throughout the month of February, as well as to mingle and make new friends. Perfect for foodies or anyone in the city who loves chocolate and sweets. 🙂

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Whisky Truffles, White Chocolate Passionfruit Truffles and Basler Brun Cookies


So instead of rambling on, I’d rather do a photojournalistic post instead. Here are the highlights of the class:

Making Chocolate Truffles

Making the ganache
Pouring chocolate ganache into syphon to fill the chocolate shells
Filling the truffle chocolate shells with the ganache. Everyone had a chance to fill the shells.
...including yours truly. 🙂
Chocolate is piped onto the truffles to seal the ganache in.
Chocolate truffles in process
The truffle balls are set free and are dipped into chocolate to get the design.
...or they can be hand rolled in chocolate.
TA-DA!! Beautiful chocolate truffles!

Making Basler Brun Cookies

Romeo sifts the ingredients
Sifted ingredients 🙂
After mixing dry ingredients with the wet ingredients, cookie dough is rolled out flat and is ready to be cut into shapes.
In this case, the shape we used was a circle.
Basler Brun Cookies!

Overall, the chocolate truffle and cookie making class at EBO was fun, educational and delicious! I totally recommend trying out a class either by yourself, with a loved one or your best friend. 😉  The classes take place every Friday for the month of February from 5:30pm-6:30pm, followed by a plated dinner (which includes a chocolate dessert buffet!) at 7pm with your fellow classmates. The price is $65 per person, which includes a dozen truffles and a dozen cookies to take home.

EBO Restaurant
Grand Villa Suites – Delta Burnaby Hotel

4331 Dominion Street


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