Giving This Holiday Season

For the holiday season and other times during the year I believe in giving. I believe that some people deserve a second chance in anything in life. Whether it be donating money (or other things) to a specific cause and lend a helping hand in an association that I support I believe that supporting and donating to a greater cause will help those in need and show how grateful we are to have such associations.

One of the causes that caught my eye was the Vista D’oro “Cookies for Kids” holiday tin in the post by Tiny Bites about her 2010 Christmas Giveaway.

One of my family members was a patient of BC Children’s hospital and we are grateful for the care and expertise that they had provided and the “Operation – Cookies for Kids” was a great way to donate to them.

Vista D’oro “Operation – Cookies for Kids” is  an annual massive fundraiser organized by Lee & Patrick Murphy from Vista D’oro Farms in memory of their loved ones. 200 holiday tins are put together, each containing a 200ml jar of Vista D’oro preserves and 2 dozen cookies baked by a variety of local purveyors. This year I donated $50 towards a tin and hope you will consider getting some too.

The Vista D’oro’s cookie tins contain:

  • Spiced vanilla bean sugar cookie from Beyond @ The Century Plaza Hotel
  • Coconut macaroons from Culinary Capers
  • Strawberry cookies from Krause Berry Farm
  • Triple chocolate cookies from Les Amis du Fromage
  • Chocolate sparkles from Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver
  • Chocolate and vanilla spirals from O’Doul’s, Listel Hotel
  • Chocolate dipped shortbread & Melting Moments from Pane E Fromaggio
  • Gingerbread stars from Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver
  • Coconut Cranberry Almond Cookies from Pourhouse Restaurant
  • Ginger Cookies from Terra Breads Bakery
  • Oh La La Grand Marnier chocolate cookies from Toast of the Town Catering
  • Brown sugar shortbread from Raincity Grill
  • Rosemary butter cookies from Bishop’s Restaurant

Where to buy

Each tin can be purchased with a minimum donation of $50. 100% of your donation goes direct to BC Children’s Hospital.

  1. Vista D’Oro Farms: info@vistadoro.com or call 604-514-3539 to ensure tins are set aside for you
  2. Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts: bakery101@picachef.com or call 604-734-4488 to ensure tins are set aside for you
  3. Edible BC: info@edible-britishcolumbia.com or call 604-662-3606 to ensure tins are set aside for you

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