Long Table Series @ The Irish Heather: Food Bloggers Meet-Up

Whenever I hear about a food bloggers meet-up, I always jump at the opportunity to meet the faces behind these enticing blogs. How I usually hear about these events is due to my passion for food and frequently commenting on their sites. For a while, I was known as Annie, the frequent reader and commenter. After meeting these bloggers at few other meet-up events and with much support from them, they convinced me to start up my own blog.

Every meet-up is a food adventure and a great way to meet new people. One of the events that I have recently been to is the Long Table Series at the Irish Heather. This has been the second of the series. The first one that I’ve been to served 1/2 Cornish Game Hen with Coleslaw and Fries paired with Steamwhistle Pilsner. What I enjoyed about the Long Table Series (LTS) at the time was that all of us had the opportunity to enjoy homestyle (Irish) food at a communal table setting.

Long Table - Seats about 50 people or so

On the menu for this Long Table Series is Roast Duck Leg With Colcannon Potatoes, Mushroom And Foie Gras Jus served with a 16 oz – Pint R&B Cream Ale, all for $15. Anything that has either duck and/or foie gras sounds good to me! YUM! The bloggers in attendance were Sherman, Kim, Jessica, Mijune, and Viv.

After being escorted to the long table, we were promptly served our drinks and our food. Before we dig in, Chef Lee Humphries describes the dish and kind of gives a description of how the food is cooked. Sometimes he would talk about the beer. Other times a PR representative from the brewery would talk about the beer.

Chef Lee Humphries

As mentioned above, we had a pint of R&B Cream Ale. It tasted like Granville Island pale ale, with the exception of it being a bit malty with a slight hint of bitterness from the hops.

AHH! Now as always…on to the food!

The entrée was a perfectly cooked duck leg on top of cabbage mashed potatoes swimming in fois gras jus. The duck was flavorful, juicy and tender. As for the jus, it was rich and flavorful and had sweetness or umaminess to it due to the rendered duck bones, fat and foie gras. It seemed like the dish was over-sauced, but at the end you will notice that there won’t be any sauce left as the Colcannon mashed potatoes will absorb it all. One random thought popped in my head as I was writing this post: What is Colcannon? Apparently, it’s a traditional Irish dish that is usually served as main dish. But in this case, it is served as a side.
Anywayyy, the potatoes were creamy and the cabbage provided texture to it. Immersed in the fois gras jus was sautéed and caramelized crimini, portobello and button mushrooms with a few pieces (more like 5 or 6 for me) of foie gras. The mushrooms added a little natural sweetness and earthiness to the dish and pairs itself with the sweetness of the duck and the fois gras. It seemed to be lost amongst the other ingredients as I was confused whether the piece was a mushroom or fois gras. I did agree with the other food bloggers that it would be much better if the fois gras was seared to have some crispiness and caramelization going on to bring out some texture and flavor. As for the sautéed spinach, it was the “veggies” portion of the dish and added some color to it.

Overall, I enjoyed the roasted duck at the Irish Heather. It is definitely gourmet comfort food! I also enjoyed the company there and look forward to meeting other food bloggers! 🙂

The Irish Heather
208 Carrall St
Gastown, Vancouver

Irish Heather on Urbanspoon

Value: $15 for an entrée and a beer is definitely worth it! And the food tastes great!
Ambience: Long table where you can eat amongst friends and make new friends.


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