Brioche: When Plan “A” fails…

A few weeks ago, I was invited to go a movie premier to see Did You Hear About the Morgans? with Mijune and Kim. Once Kim caught wind of the Finch’s gourmet sandwich train, in which I *ahem* recommended many times to many people, Kim was totally sold on it and wanted us to have it before this so-so rom-com movie.

Epic fail!!! The baguettes at Finch’s was sold out! AAH! Oh well, Kim thought of a “Plan B” and surprised us with sandwiches from Brioche instead. YAY!

Brioche is a restaurant/company/bakery located in Gastown which has a front and back entrance. I’ve only been there for brunch and found that the food was quite decent. Brioche is an Italian/Westcoast company that focuses on fresh ingredients and quality meats and cheeses. They even bake their breads daily.

Before we headed to watch the movie, we literally stuffed our faces at the food court.

The first sandwich that we had was the Chorizo Premium Panini: Chorizo sausage, lettuce, tomato, avocado & Boccocini.

Yummyness Rating:

This sandwich was quite flavorful. There was a nice spicy kick from the generous amount of chorizo, the freshness of the tomato and lettuce, the smooth mellowness of the Bocconcini and the slight creaminess of the mashed avocado. As you can see in the picture, the sandwich looks a bit oily (orangey-yellowish oil). This is due to the fact that the chorizo was pan-fried for a bit to release the flavors before it was assembled in the sandwich. The only thing that I would like more of in the sandwich would be the avocado. The creaminess of the avocado would make this sandwich more balanced.

The next sandwich we had was the Ham, Portobello & Brie Panini.

Yummyness Rating:

This sandwich was a delicious Mediterranean inspired sandwich. Like the first sandwich, this sandwich had a generous helping of meat, in this case, black forest ham. This sandwich had a nice tang from the marinated mushrooms (although it wasn’t that much), a gentle saltiness from the ham and a soft creaminess from the melted brie.

The last sandwich we tried was the Prosciutto, Bocconcini & Tomato Panini.

Yummyness Rating:

The sandwich was Caprese salad inspired with the exception that no basil and balsamic vinegar was present and the only additions are the lettuce and the generous amount of prosciutto. The sandwich tasted one-dimensional savoury, more like a ham and cheese and tomato sandwich. It felt like it was missing something. I would have liked it much more if they added basil, balsamic vinegar and used fresh mozzarella instead.  I thought that the bread was a bit thick and it would have been better if they used focaccia bread for this sandwich.

Overall, Brioche does really great sandwiches, brunch and baked goods. I totally recommend the Chorizo premium panini. 🙂

*Photos courtesy of

Brioche: Urban Baking & Catering
401 West Cordova Street

Brioche on Urbanspoon


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